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  2. Rhode Island used to offer protection to sex workers, and for a few years, indoor prostitution was blooming there. The workers had protection against unstable clients, and they could call the police if they were in harm’s way. Unfortunately, that all changed in 2009 when indoor prostitution was criminalized. Now, those who are either self-employed or working as escorts because they simply want to need to be extra careful who they solicit, where, and how. They don’t have the police’s protection anymore. Finally, we do have to mention FOSTA too, or the Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act of 2017. By signing this act into law, President Trump declared war on human trafficking and websites that advertise sex work. However, though the act may help catch human traffickers, it also prevents free-willed sex workers form earning their income. Because of that, it doesn’t really matter how escort websites make money anymore, as they are being prosecuted regardless of who the escorts are. That has done more harm than good for the sex industry. In order not to miss a rent payment or have enough money to live off, those sex workers have probably had to find alternative jobs or, even worse, use the services of a potentially unsafe or abusive pimp or agency.

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  4. Are escorts legal in Australia? Yes and no — it depends on where you are! The confusion behind the legality of sex work down under is completely legitimate. Escorting in Australia is limitedly legal, but not in the same way as it is in Canada, Norway, or Sweden. The Aussies have decided to allow each state to determine its own laws, so naturally, the legality varies. Where are escort companies legal in Australia, you may ask? Well, New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory have decriminalized prostitution as a whole. Apart from those two regions, brothels are also legal in Victoria and Queensland. In 2019, The Northern Territory showed just how much Australia is a progressive supporter of sex workers by passing the Sex Industry Act. With that move, it not only made brothels legal but fully decriminalized sex work. The act was met with lots of support, particularly from UNAIDS. Meanwhile, West Australia and Tasmania recognize prostitution as legal but have made brothels and some other activities illegal. South Australia sees it as legal, too, but condemns procuring, soliciting in public places, and receiving money from the prostitution of another person.Visit our Website and Social Media.

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