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Some experienced doms are open to mentoring would-be doms. However, most of them won’t do that until they’re sure that is really what someone wants to do and that they are not in it for the money. The mentorship typically lasts a few years, during which the individual gets lots of hands-on experience. Do you want a dom to mentor you? Then it is probably best that you show up at all BDSM-related events in your area. You can, for example, ask around for the next munch meet and do your best to be there. Don’t worry; there won’t be too much hanky-panky for a noob like you! Just chill out and drink in what’s going on. You might as well attend the annual Folsom Street Events and others like it. There, you can gain experience that might stay with you for life.Visit our Website and Social Media.


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Why not log on to and check out all the arranged meets. Feel free to attend any that you think would be perfect for you. Also, feel free to join BDSM dating apps like There, you can connect with like-minded folk, get information on local meets, and more. While at a meet, try to impress the educators and make one or all consider taking you under their wing. Impressing them does not mean you need to act like a savage at the sight of a blood meal. Instead, show them that you are a true natural at this, rather than a pretender and a dabbler whose only draw is fame and money. Should they be unwilling to mentor you, do your best to persuade them to refer you to other experienced doms looking to train someone like you. Once the mentorship is complete, you can strike out on your own and rule the world!

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