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Firstly, Vicetemple allows all adult content on their servers. Of course, what you post has to be within legal bounds, but as long as it is, they are quite liberal and happy to accept anything you create or promote. Secondly, they encourage free sharing of all their content, which means they basically ignore all copyright claims. They can do this because they are an offshore host, which means they have to abide by less strict privacy and copyright laws. Thus, you will never have copyright issues if you choose them as your adult hosting provider. Finally, Vicetemple offers complete security both for you and for your site’s visitors. Aside from that, it is designed to handle unlimited traffic, give you guaranteed uptime, regular server monitoring, and all usage statistics. One general downside is that Vicetemple offers you no free trial options. So if you want to try it out, you will have to register and pay. Luckily, they have a 45-day refund policy in store, in case any of their clients are unhappy with the services. Now that you know all the general info, it is time to dive into the three types of hosting that Vicetemple offers you.

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Vicetemple offers a wide variety of web hosting servers. If you are just starting out, one of their adult web hosting plans will be a good choice for you. Their starting plan, priced at $5 a month, offers you unlimited data, 10 subdomains, and 15 GB of storage space. The highest priced plan costs $40 a month, and it promises unlimited data, 180 GB of storage, unlimited number of subdomains, as well as unlimited addon domains. The specs might not seem like anything to write home about, but they’re enough to avoid slow performance and the inability to handle high traffic in the beginning. They are perfect for new users who are still figuring things out and want a good but affordable option. If we compare Vicetemple’s pricing with that of rival hosts such as AbeloHost or M3Server, we can see that Vicetemple is the least pricey option. AbeloHost’s starting plan costs €5.99 a month, while their highest priced one costs around $35. However, this option offers way less in terms of storage space, speed, and the number of domains than the slightly more expensive Vicetemple plan. That makes Vicetemple a better choice. The same goes for M3Server, which only offers you one adult web hosting option, priced $20 a month. As soon as your website starts gaining traffic, you can upgrade to a better performing server, called a VPS.Visit our Website and Social Media.

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