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Quality of Profiles Profiles of both escorts and customers should be informative, well-organized, and convenient to check. A website that does not showcase its escorts properly will get a lower score on this criterion. If escort profiles provide you with all the information you need, expect to see a high rating here. Quality – Price Ratio Is the website overall worth the money you will put in it? If the site in question succeeds in providing real value for the investment, they will have a high score on this criterion. Safety & Fraud Prevention When it comes to the adult services industry, safety and security are paramount. This score reflects how the website keeps personal data secure and if they take the time to properly check all user and escort profiles. Scammers are not uncommon on such websites and it is up to the administrators to protect us from them.Visit our Website and Social Media.

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All good websites are easy and intuitive to navigate and get around. Websites that are confusing and do not offer much when it comes to intuitive design deserve a low score on this criterion. When it comes to ad websites and directories, advanced search and filter options are a must. You need to be able to sort escorts by a large number of parameters — age, location, services offered, etc. A high score here means the website in question has taken the time to implement a user-friendly design and a sophisticated search system. Community Size and Activity How big and how active is the community at the website in question? The grade here shows how many ads there are on the website and how often the database gets updated. Naturally, a more active and better-maintained website is preferable to the contrary option. If we have detected a large number of fake ads, that would negatively affect the score here. Website Traffic The amount of monthly visits is important to distinguish the really good websites from the inferior ones. The grade here reflects just that — how many people actually use the website on a monthly basis. Naturally, the more the visits, the higher the grade in this category.

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